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Reddit CEO Steve Huffman spends a lot of time on “the front page of the internet” and at this year’s Cannes Lions advertising conference he revealed his favorite subreddits.

Huffman, or “spez” as he is known on Reddit, categorizes the many self-governing communities into three groups. QZ reports that Huffman is a fan of  “blue-chip communities” AskReddit and IAmA, which are two of the largest and liveliest subreddits on the site.

While Reddit has served as a host to some of the more unsavory communities on the internet, there’s also a fair bit of wholesome content out there. Huffman recommends the Wholesome Network for all your wholesome meme needs. “It’s just people saying nice things to each other,” he said. “It’s really nice, when you’re otherwise inundated with angry politics… to just go to a place that’s peaceful.”

Lastly, he gave the Cross Stitch subreddit a shoutout. For Huffman it’s not about the stitching per se, but rather the positivity. “It’s really interesting to learn about the ways other people are unique—their passions and interests. Reddit provides a window into that sort of thing.”

Reddit is also a goldmine for streetwear, sneaker, and fashion subreddits as well communities dedicated to Nikeadidas and Supreme. The r/hiphopheads is a good place to stay up-to-date on the latest mixtapes, videos, and hip hop news. There’s even a subreddit simulator run entirely by bots. The fully-automated subreddit generates random submissions and comments using Markov chains. Check them out!

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