A24 is adding to its impressive catalog of horror titles with its unsettling new film, Saint Maud. As with Midsommar, The Witch and Hereditary before it, Saint Maud looks like another winning film that strikes a balance between cinematic beauty and genuinely terrifying storytelling.

The film follows Maud, a strangely devout hospice nurse who becomes fixated on saving her dying patient’s soul. What begins as a domestic drama shifts into a disturbing, psychological thriller with a sadomasochistic undercurrent, before culminating in what looks like a full-blown exorcism.

A24 is steadily carving out an entirely distinct space within the horror genre. And in Saint Maud, writer-director Rose Glass seems to draw on the most frightening elements of titles like Carrie, and The Exorcist, whilst also doing some altogether new and scary. Watch the trailer below.

Saint Maud opens March 27, 2020

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