Good technology shouldn’t disrupt or try to completely change user’s lives in an instant; instead, it should subtly support and enhance lives. Nobody remembers the precise moment a mobile phone changed his or her life; it was a slow process that's left us wondering how we ever lived without them. With this in mind, Samsung created the Gear S3 to look like a classic watch but function like an advanced technology that could grow indispensable.

Inspired by traditional timepieces and quality watchmaking craft, Samsung developed an innovative Gear S2 follow-up in two styles resembling classic watches. Every feature reimagines those on a conventional watch, from the circular bezel to the finishing and buckles. The Frontier model features a more rugged outdoor look suited to active and adventurous lifestyles, while Classic offers a more refined look. Both styles are designed to perform in any environment, whether business or leisure.

The construction meets IP68 water resistance standards, and the Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ provides a tougher, more scratch resistant and crisp display. Advanced technology keeps the watch face on at all times, mimicking the look of an analog watch, but the classic features are equally valuable and not just for show. The rotating bezel has enhanced functions such as allowing users to take calls and control alarms; while the display turns writing and drawings into text and emojis.

Under the hood, both designs offer similar technical specifications, although the Gear S3 Frontier stands out in the connectivity department thanks to 3G/LTE potential. Both come with built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer and speedometer enabling users to monitor daily activity, altitude, atmospheric pressure, weather, distance traveled, and speed. However, if shopping is more attractive than adventure, then the smartwatch can be used to make purchases anywhere accepting Samsung Pay. Whether lost in the mall or mountains, SOS and location tracking capabilities can alert family, friends and emergency services about crisis situations.

The Samsung Gear S3 also offers a broad range of fitness, music, news, sports and travel apps to help you burn through the four-day battery life. For the first time on a smartwatch, Samsung is opening up to allow third parties to develop customized apps. Customizable watch faces and designs are also available for download, allowing individuals to personalize their timepiece.

The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is available now at £349, find out more via the link below.

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