Samsung and Google phones have faster internet speeds than Apple's iPhone 8, the 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, according to new data reported by Bloomberg.

Internet connection speed measurement service Ookla, which makes the Speedtest app, found that Apple's latest iPhone models lagged behind in internet download speeds compared with equivalent models from competitors. The iPhone X downloaded data at 29.7 megabits per second, with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus downloading at 28.6Mbps and 29.4Mbps respectively. In comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ had average download speeds of 38.9Mbps and 38.4Mbps. Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL weren't far behind, with average download speeds of 34.4Mbps and 33.9Mbps.

Ookla is independent and gets its data from real-life users, stating that it hosts millions of internet speed tests per day. Anyone who has suffered a slower internet connection knows how download speeds can affect how you watch videos, stream music, or make calls online, so this news won't be welcome at Apple.

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled a series of ads that take aim at Apple, with one directly highlighting the difference in internet and download speeds.

In other tech news, Microsoft debuts its $399 Surface Go, the smallest and most affordable Surface yet.

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