San Zhi
Photo courtesy of San Zhi

There’s an old saying about how music is its own form of religion, and the statement could not feel more true when applied to San Zhi. Founding members Suraya and Dennis have ties to Egypt and Bournemouth, but found each other in the midst of London during their university years and have been making 90’s inspired trip-hop music together in the UK ever since. Today, we’re premiering the music video for their new single “Give it Up.”

“The lyrics hold dark meaning that revolve around the way people feel towards each other without others being aware,” San Zhi explained in an email. “The song flips between multiple relationships, changing perspective and debating the hidden parts of ourselves that we sacrifice for love, as well as the meaningless thoughts we think when we are trying not to think at all.”

The Antoine Levi-directed visual took 10 days to shoot in India and depicts the “unique and ancestral rite that takes place in Varanasi.” Fully immerse yourself in the narrative through the transcendental video below and stay tuned for more from San Zhi.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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