A new cocktail bar has opened in Shanghai that combines futuristic design with a sustainable and eco-friendly ethos to create one of the most spectacular lounges in the city.

Designed by architect Alberto Caiola, the plant-based bar uses seasonal herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, and vegetables as key focal points. It was created in response to the growing public interest in healthier and more mindful lifestyles.

Floor-to-ceiling green walls and plant/polycarbonate wall installations are contrasted with angular and futuristic metalwork. In the middle of the bar, the ceiling drops dramatically to reveal geometrically-aligned metal and strip lighting, creating a maze that spreads out and over the tables.

Sofas and stools in deep blue colors bring a touch of reality and vibrancy to the space, while variations in lighting emphasizes and minimizes specific areas and plants. The tabletops and the bar are made of polished metal to "represent the classic sci-fi concepts of speed and dynamism." It's the perfect environment for sci-fi fans, botanists, and anyone else to relax and unwind over a drink or two.

On a similar note, the Jones House in Brazil is also designed to be at one with nature.

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