Actor, occasional rapper, and normcore fashion god Shia LaBeouf was seen sporting an effortless vintage style while grabbing lunch in his home turf of Los Angeles.

The tee appears to be a piece of vintage band merch for ’80s rock band Dokken and their fourth studio album Back for the Attack, which LaBeouf pairs with straight-fit gray cutoffs. The look can be considered a kind of throwback, as the vintage metal tee trend had a big revival in 2015 but ultimately suffered from celebrity over-exposure, with Kylie and Kendall Jenner attracting derision from fans of the genre.

Perhaps enough time has passed for the trend to reboot, with a tighter, slightly more cropped fit instead of the oversized style that has been popular in the past.

For accessories, LaBeouf donned a cap from the Slauson R.C. Theater School, an LA-based theater that LeBeouf tweeted about in 2018, encouraging actors without any experience to sign up to if they had a "story they are willing to share."

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