Snapchat just found a subtle yet brilliant way to troll Instagram as part of a new advertising campaign that throws shade at superficial friendships and fake online followings.

The campaign is titled "Real Friends" and sees various inspirational quotes about friendship featured on a Snapchat-yellow background above the brand's ghost logo. The trolling part? Snapchat worked with a bunch of "quote influencers" to spread the ads on Instagram.

Captioned with hashtags such as #RealFriends and #FriendshipQuotes, it wasn't long before Instagram was flooded with advertising for its social media rival, with the added implication that real friendships aren't formed on Instagram, whereas Snapchat is a place where legit bonds exist.

Take a look at a few examples below.

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The Instagram posts were an introduction to a larger campaign that sees the above quotes, plus a range of others from the likes of Aristotle, Jim Morrison, and Marilyn Monroe, plastered across billboards, TV commercials, and print ads.

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