While new year's health resolutions are easy to plan, they're not always easy to stick to. Luckily, New York City fitness company SoulCycle is here to make your life easier (not to mention healthier) with its new SoulAnnex venture.

SoulCycle's spinning class programs have surged in popularity over the years but now the brand believes it's time for something new — and you might be pleased to hear there won't be a bike in sight. Called SoulAnnex, the new studio and programs are designed to get you away from the pedals and focus instead on all-round body training.

Based on three key training pillar—move, define and align—SoulAnnex's 360-approach sees professional trainers help you get the best out of yourself with tough workouts and carefully curated playlists. In essence, it's all the soul without the cycle.

Head over to the SoulCycle website to book a SoulAnnex session now. Find the new studio's address below.


32 W 18th Street New York, NY 10011 USA

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