TMZ reports that Soulja Boy has been accused of assaulting and kidnapping a woman this past weekend. According to the outlet, his manager has denied all of the claims.

A woman named Kayla alleges that while she was dating Soulja Boy, he told her to leave his home in Agoura Hills early on the morning of February 2 following an argument and confrontation with his assistant that then turned physical. Sources who claim to be linked to the accuser that her exit "agitated" the rapper's assistant after she reportedly hit a curb with her car when reversing down the driveway which lead to the fight between them.

Kayla claims that Soulja jumped in, punched, and kicked her while she was on the ground before taking her inside his garage and tying her to a chair with an extension cord where she was held for six hours. The morning after she was released, Kayla reportedly called the police and went to the hospital to get treated for her alleged injuries. She was discharged later that night and claims that she three fractured ribs and suffered from a concussion.

The claims reported by TMZ remain unverified, but Soulja’s manager told the site that although he has not been able to contact his client, he is confident that the claims are a bunch of "BS." Soulja’s manager assures that Soulja "always calls me if there’s any problem, and he did not call," in the wake of TMZ‘s report. Furthermore, authorities have confirmed to TMZ that they have received a report, but did not reveal the complainant or defendant citing an "ongoing investigation."

For more details head on over to TMZ.

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