There is a whole twitching pile of conceptualization going into the Sruli Recht Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Called "Circumsolar"—a word that seems only to lead to foreskins drying in the sun—the designer says the collection's clothes are "drawn by the dust of a meteor's tail in orbital decay, illuminated by our sun.” No complaints so far.

Inside things are very intense, with waxed cotton, leather and silk beside Icelandic reindeer and horse skin. The most interesting element, however, has to be something called Lamb-coated Aluminium. "Before departing, the lamb is placed partly submerged in a tank, where through scientific application the aluminium, like adamantium, is fused between the first few layers of the epidermis," we are told ... and holy fuck. They are injecting lambs' flesh with aluminum, Wolverine Project X-style, seconds before the poor creatures depart the mortal coil? Three words: BLACK METAL SERFWEAR.

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