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In a bid to replace coal for good, one Swedish power plant is burning H&M’s unsold clothes, pushing the operation to become a fossil fuel-free facility within the next three years.

Jens Neren, head of the utility which owns and operates the plant told Bloomberg in a recent interview that the clothes are “[…] a burnable material.” The actions of this 54-year-old plant, located 100 kilometers away from Stockholm, are part of many others occurring across Sweden, as the country plans to convert all power operations to burning only biofuels and well, “garbage.”

And in case you were wondering how this power plant is getting its hand on so much H&M product, its managing utility actually has a right-to-burn-trash deal with the neighboring city of Eskilstuna — coincidentally the location of H&M’s central warehouse.

And in case you want to do your best in keeping H&M’s products out of the burner, be sure to check out its brand new streetwear collection right here.

Words by Adam Mark
Weekend Editor

Adam is Highsnobiety’s Weekend Editor and splits his time between overseeing all weekend content and studying Economic and Social Communication at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

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