When you think of precision, luxury, and innovation, it shouldn't take long for TAG Heuer and Porsche to come to mind. The two brands have operated at the top of their respective fields for decades and, since 1963, the iconic masters of design have even worked side-by-side during a number of era-defining moments.

This year, they finally collaborated on their first joint product: the TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph, a watch that promises the best of what both brands have to offer. Though a watch alone looks great, it looks even better on a wrist. That’s why we took the new timepiece out for a spin and saw how tastemakers the world over would style it.

Deon Hinton


Model Deon Hinton styles his watch with a monochromatic suit in deep brown. In lieu of a shirt, he opts to go bare-chested which, paired with the lush background, gives the whole shoot an organic feel. The watch really pops against all the soft elements and gives the look that extra touch of luxury.

Dominic Grizelle


Dominic Grizelle echoes the scheme of the watch with an outfit that pairs black leather and silver hardware. The all-leather look proves the watch can take to any mood and even handle a little bit of edge. Though competing against other rings and a pearl bracelet, the Chronograph still manages to stand out.

Eric Jess


Eric Jess completes a relaxed blazer look with the Chronograph on one arm. Even though he’s in a tie and blazer, he manages an air of off-duty cool. The timepiece looks just at home next to jeans as it does a suit jacket. Now, that’s versatility.

Jacko Blythe


Jacko Blythe finishes off an all-black outfit with a flash of silver on the wrist. The Chronograph takes well to the minimal silhouette and pulls focus without distracting from some of the other details. The black elements on the watch face help make a sleek outfit even sleeker.

Jerome Parker


Jerome Parker keeps it super simple in a pair of blue jeans and a white jacket. Even with a more pared-down fit, the Chronograph feels right at home and holds its own as his only accessory here.

Jiawa Liu


Fashion editor, Jiawa Liu, keeps it classy in a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up just enough to keep your eyes on the timepiece she sports on her wrist. On her feet she rocks cowboy boots that contrast nicely with the timeless elegance of the Chronograph.

Johnson Gold


Against Johnson Gold’s monochrome ‘fit, the Chronograph was bound to stand out. The editor and creative goes for an all-white look (down to the shoes and sunglasses) to really let the timepiece do the talking. Even paired with all gold jewelry, the silver watch feels right at home.

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