Last week, Taylor Swift reset her social media accounts, leading to speculations that she’d be dropping a new album. The rumors are true - the singer announced that her sixth studio album Reputation will arrive November 10, with its first single arriving Friday at midnight EST.

Swift had fans going crazy in posting cryptic videos of a snake earlier this week and subsequently revealing details of her first album in three years. Judging by these teasers, it appears the singer will be addressing her reputation as a snake, positively reclaiming her reptilian rep earned by her recent feuds with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, first dating back to a spat with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

After posting the artwork for the upcoming album, fans unleashed their hottest takes, many poking fun at Taylor’s taste in graphic design. As we wait to see what T-Swift has in store for us with Reputation, take a look at some reaction highlights below.

The Waking Dead got in on the fun, replacing leader of the Saviors Negan with T-Swift.

Pigeons & Planes inexplicably put Michael Cera on the cover, but we’re down.

Others poked fun at the album artwork, likening it to a Von Dutch rebranding, peak Myspace era emo graphics, a metal record label logo, and high school-level yearbook design.

Fans also ran with the snake theme to express their feelings about Reputation.

And according to Ellen DeGeneres, we might just get our first taste of Taylor Swift’s new album in the upcoming season of her show.

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