ESPN’s 10-part documentary The Last Dance, which centers on Michael Jordan and the ’90s Bulls and features previously unseen footage from the 1997-98 season, finally came to an end last night. The ninth and tenth episodes were shown on ESPN in America (and are available on Netflix in other territories).  With the docu-series coming to an end, a new generation of basketball fan has been given a crash course on MJ’ dominance and why he is — without a doubt — the GOAT.

The final episodes focused on the 1998 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan’s iconic “Flu Game” and what caused it, as well as the “last shot” to win his sixth, and final NBA ring.

Predictably, reactions on social media were plentiful. Michael Jordan was — once again — anointed the GOAT, while The Last Dance was dubbed the GOAT documentary. Users loved the pizza story — which is what MJ believed caused the flu game.

For those of you who haven’t watched the docu-series, there may be spoilers below. For those that have or don’t care, scroll through some of the best reactions below.

Finale Reactions

GOAT documentary

Jerry Krause not getting any love at all

Game of Thrones even got a mention

Dennis Rodman will always be the peoples’ MVP

Now we all know what MJ was listening to during ‘The Last Dance’

Something tells me this meme will live on

Pizza boyz™

The NBA on Twitter also had a lot to say

Week 4 Reactions

Michael Jordan with some huge quotes this week

Say Jordan was bad at baseball one more time

The late Craig Sager got some props

While Jerry Krause got heat...again

So did Gary Payton

Don’t piss off the GOAT

Cue the waterworks

The infamous Steve Kerr fight

Week 3 Reactions

RIP Kobe

MJ did not like the Drexler comparisons

Kokoc vs MJ & Pippen

MJ did not like Reebok

That Dream Team practice

Seinfeld’s cameo was well-received



Unpopular but perhaps accurate take?

Week 2 Reactions

Phil Jackson was the real MVP

Rodman’s sex life was the topic of the night

“Load Management”

Major Mood

Don’t forget how good Rodman was on the court

Or pre-game in the tunnel

The 10-part documentary should have been about him

Wholesome AF


Week 1 Reactions

Overall consensus:

LeBron stans in shambles


Giannis soaking everything in

Pippen’s contract, though...

The soundtrack was just as good as the story

Well, this is awkward...

F***** S***

That meme

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