The Sims 4 is readying to launch an "Eco Lifestyle" expansion pack which introduces players and their Sims to new and improved eco-friendly practices.

As you can see in the trailer (below), players will soon be able to explore Evergreen Harbor, a new environment that will be determined by the actions of its players — in other words, whether they follow strategies to rid the area of pollution and garbage in order to let nature do its thing, or not.

The Eco Lifestyle expansion back allows players to utilize energy-saving measures, too, like installing solar panels when building new homes for their Sims. You can also purchase sustainable furniture and upcycle trash. Sims will enjoy new career options, too, such as working as a Freelance Crafter and selling handmade items, in addition to engaging in community-focused endeavors like launching communal art spaces.

The expansion pack costs $39.99, is available to pre-order now for PC and Xbox One — it will also be available for Mac and PlayStation 4 — and will launch on June 15.

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