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For well over a year now, Travis Scott has been gearing up to release his highly-anticipated third album Astroworld. It will finally arrive on August 3, and to celebrate, we’re looking to the stars and analyzing his birth chart to see what we uncover about his mysterious, occasionally perplexing personality.

Rapper Travis Scott was born April 30, 1992 in Houston, Texas, making him a Taurus. Although his Sun sign is in Taurus, he also has a lot of Aries in his chart – a fire sign – which makes his “La Flame” nickname completely astrologically accurate.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries

In case you need a refresher, your sun is the simple answer to the question, “What’s your sign?” Travis Scott’s birthday is April 30, 1992, meaning his sun is in Taurus. Tauruses are visually represented in the zodiac as a bull, which can be linked to their typically stubborn nature. But as a fixed sign (signs in the zodiac are either fixed, mutable, or cardinal), they’re also incredibly dependable and determined. Taurus is also an Earth sign, generally all about practicality, seeking security and stability, and making the most of available resources.

Tauruses seek out beauty and are particularly attracted to high quality clothing; Travis Scott regularly rocks the likes of Rick Owens, Raf Simons, and Stone Island, and even collaborated on a 24 piece capsule collection with Helmut Lang in 2017. Tauruses have also been dubbed “the ultimate stoners of the zodiac,” and the rapper is no exception. They are known to work at a slow pace, which makes sense for Travis Scott, since he took his sweet time with his third album Astroworld.


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Your Moon sign is said to control your emotions, moods, and feelings. Travis’ Moon is in Aries, which is a fire sign, generally associated with action, passion, and having a strong ego. Aries moon people are usually, energetic, independent, and enthusiastic, but also have a tendency to feel inadequate, and thus, overcompensate. A fine example of this is his performance at the MTV 2017 EMA’s (and throughout his entire ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ tour), where he delivered his hit song “Butterfly Effect” from a giant, suspended animatronic bird. We all expect a decent set design from a rapper, but an animatronic bird is….a lot. Most Taureans can repress their emotions, but with his Moon sign in fiery Aries, Travis has a hard time doing that (peep his tweets if you need further convincing)… They don’t call him “La Flame” for nothing.

This Taurus Sun, Aries Moon combination, for better or worse, has been characterized by the phrase “self-absorbed.” Those with this configuration want to control their life path to the extreme. They’re super intense in trying to achieve their goals, and will stop at nothing to accomplish them. In his big GQ cover story with Kylie Jenner, he was very forthright in admitting he’s “impatient as a motherfucker” and that he hates anything that slows him down. Although we respect the hustle, it’s been noted that Travis Scott’s methods of going from a Houston suburb nobody to an in-demand NYC-based rapper have been exposed as questionable, and he’s also been accused of biting other rappers’ styles. But good artists borrow and great artists steal, right?

He’s a worldly person who wants to have a secure, comfortable, pleasurable life, and wants to acquire all the power and status he can. In this sense, it makes sense that as soon as he could leave his Houston suburb and head for the big city, he did. And soon after hitting the studio in New York City, he had his sights set on L.A. It’s no wonder then that he was smitten with Kyile Jenner, who has even more power and status than himself with her near-billion dollar fortune and a house in Hidden Hills (which he of course raps about on “Butterfly Effect”).

Ascendant / Rising Sign in Cancer

Your rising sign is often thought of as the mask you wear when you’re meeting others, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reactions.

Travis Scott’s birth time is not public knowledge, so we can’t know his ascendant or rising sign for sure. Using a standardized birth time of 12 p.m., his rising sign is Cancer. We can’t be sure that Travis is a Cancer Rising, but it would make sense. Although he’s always got his eyes on the prize, he’s definitely got some emotional intelligence going on, and can’t help letting his feelings out, even though he might not like to show them. Case in point, he tweeted about Kid Cudi making him cry with happiness back in 2015, but then deleted it.

Cancer Risings come across as familiar, gentle creatures, projecting a sweet and innocent image. They are also known to be sensitive to their environment and can get flustered easily. In a romantic partner, those with their ascendant in Cancer are looking for structure and security, getting on best when their partner displays strength in both their finances and their emotions. Again, in this sense, Kylie Jenner is exactly what he would look for in a partner.

Mercury in Aries

Mercury rules communication, and once again Aries shows up for Travis here! Aries Mercury people are undeniably passionate, known to be trailblazers, their words flowing without any forethought. They don’t back down when other people oppose their views, and they don’t wait around for anyone or anything. If they want something, they’ll do whatever it takes to get their desired end result.

One pretty huge example of Travis’ Mercury in Aries tendencies is the fact that he performed his song “goosebumps” a whopping 15 times in a row. This challenge wasn’t taken on just for fun; he took it on to break Kanye West and JAY-Z’s previously-held Rock & Roll Hall of Fame record for most consecutive performances of a song, presenting N***** in Paris 12 times in a row on their ‘Watch the Throne’ tour back in 2012. Travis Scott outdid the duo two times – first performing “goosebumps” 14 times in a row on his ‘Birds Eye View’ tour one week, subsequently outdoing himself with 15 times in a row the next.

La Flame’s tweet action is also extremely lit, often incorporating all-caps and an excessive amount of exclamation marks and extra letters. Again, Aries = enthusiasm, saying what they want without fear of consequences, etc etc.

La Flame is notorious in his desire to turn it all the way up at his concerts. Case in point, when he got arrested last year in Arkansas for inciting a riot at his ‘Birds Eye View’ tour stop. Mere weeks before at a tour stop at New York City’s Terminal 5, he encouraged a fan to jump off the venue’s third story balcony into the crowd below. The fan suffered serious injuries (he’s now paralyzed!) and when Travis gifted him his ring before he was carried off stage, he said “Why the fuck did you do that? I love you, man.” In his GQ profile on Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, writer Mark Anthony Green describes seeing him perform at a nightclub a few years back. He was swinging from a chandelier while performing, proceeded to cut his hand on the chandelier, then stamped his bloody handprint into the ceiling and kept rapping.

As he so succinctly put it in his own song “Antidote,” “Anything can happen at the night show /
Everything can happen at the night show.”

Venus in Aries

Venus is the planet that rules everything to do with love and romance. Once again, Aries shows up to Travis Scott’s astrological party. Venus in Aries people are independent and aggressive, usually impulsive, have an innocent charm, and can easily lose interest in romantic partners. Also, even when they’re expressing love for another person, their approach is still very much centered on themselves. They also love a good conquest.

An ideal partner for an Aries Venus is someone who has their own interests and passions and lives their own life without being too dependent on them. If they really like someone, they’ll take the plunge and just go for it, as long as they don’t get bored.

Again, it’s no wonder why Travis Scott fell for Kylie Jenner. She’s got her own thing going, her life is action packed without him, she’s independent and their relationship seems to be anything but stuffy. When the two met at Coachella 2017, Travis was instantly smitten, and Kylie joined him on the remainder of his Birds Eye View tour. It’s been just over a year, and the two already have a child together. So yeah, as Travis Scott proves, if a Venus Aries person really likes someone, they will go from 0 to 100 real quick.


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The rapper’s Venus in Aries is best expressed on his Rodeo track “first take” featuring Bryson Tlller. He begins by laying out his love language with “All the signs I ignored / I play love like a sport,” later proceeding with: “You think you winnin’ a race / You think all I do is play (yeah!) / I didn’t put you in your place / Then why you still here in my place? / Yeah, thought so, yeah, and also / You think too much, we all know.”

His lyrics here are Venus in Aries 101, you’ve got the “me-centered” and conquest-like approach to love, a direct and even daring way of expressing it, and a fiery self confidence that burns throughout.

So there you have it, a deep dive into Travis Scott’s astrological profile. Although Travis Scott is very much a Taurus in his stubbornness, need for stability, donning of only the finest garms, and his general stoner vibe, we can’t ignore the firey Aries influence that dominates his birth chart. Whether it’s swinging from chandeliers, performing a song 15 times in a row, encouraging his fans to jump off a balcony, or falling hard and fast for Kylie Jenner, La Flame is Aries-dominant in every sense. Although fans have been waiting a long time for the rapper’s Astroworld album, you can’t rush a Taurus, and with Travis Scott’s determination, it will most likely exceed expectations.

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