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Ahead of the release of Travis Scott‘s hugely-anticipated Astroworld album, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to get even more excited about the album’s drop.

After releasing “Butterfly Effect” and rivaling Drake with his status as a human meme, it’s safe to say that the hype for the release of Travis Scott’s Astroworld is reaching a fever pitch.

How will he follow up his highly successful sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, released last year? Although Scott’s been spotted in the studio with PARTYNEXTDOOR and Tame Impala, who else did Scott link up with on his new album? When will it actually drop?

For all those details and more, read on for a rundown of everything we know so far about Travis Scott’s Astroworld.

Scott is finishing up the album in Hawaii with a host of producers

Similar to Kanye’s group trips to Wyoming to finish ‘ye, Travis Scott has gone to Hawaii to put the final touches on Astroworld, alongside a host of producers including Mike Dean, Sonny Digital, WondaGurl, Wheezy, NAV, Amir “Cash” Esmailian, Frank Dukes, Gunna, Don Toliver, Sheck Wes and Allen Ritter.

AstroWorld 🌎

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Astroworld is named after a now-closed theme park he used to go to in Texas.

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In a Rolling Stone profile from earlier this year, Scott elaborates on the now-defunct Astroworld amusement park – “It had a Dungeon Drop, Greezed Lightnin’, Superman,” he recalls. “It was a way of life – fantasies, imagination.”

No release date has been set, but we can probably expect it to drop in 2018.

According to the album’s page on Genius, Astroworld is “slated for a 2018 release.”

At a performance in August 2017, Travis Scott said he was “going into hiding” to work on two albums – Astroworld and a collaborative project with Quavo, which was finally released as Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho at the end of December 2017.

“The Quavo album is coming soon,” he said. “I’m dropping new music soon. You know how I do it though: I like surprises.”

“Butterfly Effect” is the lead single of Astroworld.

Travis Scott debuted “Butterfly Effect” back in May while on his ‘Bird’s Eye View’ Tour, and dropped the official music video in July.

And it could feature a sequel to Travis Scott’s 2014 track “Drugs You Should Try It”

Astroworld could include a sequel to “Drugs You Should Try It” off of Travis Scott’s 2014 mixtape Days Before Rodeo, according to an Instagram post by Atlanta production duo FKi 1st who worked on the original track.

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Astroworld might feature Kanye West, PARTYNEXTDOOR & Tame Impala

Travis Scott worked with Kanye West on Yeezus, and the pair have been friends ever since. Scott even signed to West’s G.O.O.D. Music back in 2012.

“Kanye, he’s my buddy. When I got the chance to meet him I was so nervous. He listened to my music and thought it was cool. Two weeks later he sent me an email and I found myself on the way to Paris to take part in his Yeezus album,” he said in an interview with Numéro Homme from March.

He also mentioned West in a recent interview with Billboard: “I played him some joints. We’re always talking. We’re always working on shit. I see him every day.”

Seeing as Travis Scott collabed with Kendrick Lamar this year on “goosebumps,” it’s safe to say that a Kanye West feature on Astroworld wouldn’t be totally crazy, especially since they’re basically family now – Scott is dating Kylie Jenner and Kanye is married to Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian.

Back in October, OVO crooner PARTYNEXTDOOR was spotted in the studio with Travis Scott, sparking rumors they’re working together on Astroworld.

The pair have worked together before, previously appearing on tracks like “Juss Know,” “No Feelings,” and “Nothing But Net” with Young Thug.

Travis Scott was also spotted in the studio that same month with Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker after mentioning in that Numéro Homme interview from March that he admires the indie outfit’s music.

“I like Tame Impala’s ambient tracks. I always wanted to do that kind of music, but also something that hits hard,” he said.

It’s not going to be your average rap album.

“What the fuck is a rapper? I dunno. A country singer, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. No one is a country singer unless he wants to get stuck in one single genre. Me, I sing, I rap, I do beats, I sometimes make videos. Labels piss me off,” he explained to Numéro Homme.

According to a recent slew of tweets after a studio session, he’s also channeling his inner Thom Yorke on Astroworld. Stay tuned to see if there are any Radiohead influences in his new music.

La Flame is definitely in “album mode.”

In an Instagram post on March 6, Travis Scott shared a photo of himself posted up in the studio with the caption “[locked] in See ya later.” His photographer, RaysCorruptedMind, also posted the same image, adding that Scott is in “album mode.” Scott even posted an Instagram story where he’s listening to his new music driving around L.A.

🔒 In See ya later

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Super producer Mike Dean is working on Astroworld

According to his Instagram post from December 5, producer extraordinaire Mike Dean is working on Travis Scott’s Astroworld, in addition to Scott’s collaborative project with Quavo (unofficially titled “Huncho Jack” in the photo), as well as music from Kanye West and Desiigner.

Great to be busy with all these dope artists.

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This was confirmed on January 9 when Travis Scott tweeted that they were in the studio together.

The ‘Astroworld’ Tour will have amusement park rides, naturally.

His ‘Bird’s Eye View’ Tour featured a giant animatronic bird, so why wouldn’t he have roller coasters on a tour promoting Astroworld – an album named after a theme park?

“I don’t know why it hasn’t been done already – I think people just don’t do shit. Who makes stages these days that are cool?” Scott explained in that Rolling Stone interview.

It might feature Stevie Wonder.

During an interview with Billboard this January, Travis Scott revealed his dream collaborator for the album. My next album is going to have Stevie Wonder” Scott said. “Well, I’m trying. We’re talking.”

While nothing is confirmed, Scott posted an image of himself with the musical legend on Instagram yesterday, complete with the globe emoji which the rapper has been using as shorthand for his album title.


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Stay tuned for more info ahead of the record’s release. Now, check out Spotify’s most-streamed music of 2017 including Ed Sheeran and Rihanna right here.

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