In case you hadn't heard, the future of travel is autonomous. After getting a look at Toyota's self-driving stores, Texas's Bell Helicopter just unveiled its self-piloting air taxi at CES in Las Vegas.

Per Fast Company, the vehicle has yet to receive an official name, but Uber already plans to launch the robotic flights in the 2020s. Similar to that of a helicopter, the ride will take off and land at a vertical position, but when in the air it will maneuver more like a traditional plane.

Scott Drennan, the company’s director of innovation, states, “Bell knows how to do the flying parts. Normally you’d see a vehicle mockup and then you’d add custom cabins and so forth. On this one, we’re showing the custom cabins first, so we can draw new customers."

Drennan has also disclosed that an actual prototype is already in testing, but the overall design of the taxi — minus the cabin — is still under wraps in order to keep the "competition at bay.”

“We’re not revealing our type yet, whether that’s tilt rotor, tilt [wing], tilted fans,” says Drennan.

In closing, Drennan added, “We believe in doing a broader mission capability set. So instead of numbers like 25- to 50-mile [range], we’re looking more towards 150 miles.”

For now, you can get a glimpse at the cabin of Bell's self-piloting taxi via the gallery above, and follow over to Fast Company for more.

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