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Back in 2017, Charli XCX re-introduced most of us to Uffie through her Number 1 Angel track “Babygirl.” But the French-American artist has been active in the performance art space since 2009 with credit as a singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ, and fashion designer. Today, we’re premiering the lead single from a fresh project that she’s got in the works called “Sadmoney.” Uffie broke down the intent behind the enchanting electro-pop song in an email to Highsnobiety.

“‘Sadmoney’ is that tough place to be that only exists because we give it value,” she said. “It’s that superficial chase that we’re all guilty of, leaving your cup half empty… but damn do you enjoy those first sips.”

This sentiment is painfully relatable especially as millennial burnout continues to be dissected in the media so extensively, but the way that Uffie’s voice gently flutters between the guitar strums and steady beats feels therapeutic, like an ASMR technique. This forthcoming EP marks Uffie’s first project since her debut studio album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans dropped in 2010. She describes the forthcoming EP as a “collection of moments and thoughts working through it all, dissecting, daydreaming, and having a good time.”

Uffie adds, “These are probably the most honest, vulnerable, and at some moments saddest songs I’ve ever shared. But personally, they are also the most boss. I’ve lived some incredible journeys, but also experienced a lot of loss.”

Uffie’s EP is out on February 14. Listen to the full track below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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