First announced early this year, UGG and designer Phillip Lim's luxury footwear collaboration has finally come to fruition as the collection just released earlier this week.

Having grown up in California, Lim and his friends spent much of their youth at the beach surfing and skating, and it was through these outlets where he was first exposed to UGG and the early beginnings of subculture that would go on to shape his fashion career.

"I always remember seeing the coolest kids in UGG. It might have been for the sheer practical reason—it was comfortable—but somehow because of the character’s authenticity, it made them look so cool," Lim recalls. It was these early memories that formed his first impressions of UGG that Lim would go on to use as references for his own collaboration with the California footwear brand.

The four-piece collection consists of the Classic High, Classic Short, Outdoor High, and Outdoor short boots, all reinterpreted through Lim by using bold colors and elevated materials like leather and plaid prints.

Their best-selling Classic Short, an UGG x 3.1 Phillip Lim exclusive, gets retooled with Lim's signature metal zipper detailing for a modern yet practical take on the boot. Lim works his design magic on the Classic Mini's twin-face sheepskin by juxtaposing blocks of traditional flannel wool from Lim's own ready-to-wear line, truly imbuing his own style on the boot.

"As a designer, I am constantly interested in exploring unexpected elements to create new aesthetic propositions. One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with UGG is because I felt that together, we could create a collection that would inspire a laid back sense of cool," Lim explains. If the slick visuals in the lookbook and collection is any indication, Lim has fulfilled this design ethos on every level.

The UGG x 3.1 Phillip Lim collection will start at $250 and is now available for purchase at,, and select retailers.

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