Vero popped up unexpectedly at the beginning of this week, with the app positioning itself as a contender to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

While some people jumped at the chance to have a chronological feed again, others were not so convinced by the product and the team behind it.

After a glitchy start to its existence, it now turns out that deleting your Vero account might be a lot harder than previously thought. Instead of putting an option to delete your account in the app settings, its creators make users jump through several hoops to get their data wiped.

Simply uninstalling the app doesn’t get rid of your account. To do that you will have to either submit a request through the company’s website or go through the app’s Vero Support section.

The support section is slightly hidden. Instead of being on the settings page, you can get to the screen via the question mark on the top left of your profile. Once there you can’t just outright delete your account. You’ll have to submit a request by selecting “Delete my account” from the drop-down menu on the page.

Once that request has been sent off it will have to be processed by Vero’s customer support. It is not known how long the process will take.

According to The Daily Dot, users will have to keep checking back to see if their account has been deleted before uninstalling and removing the app from their phone.

If you’re still not really sure what Vero is or how to use it, check out our comprehensive guide here.

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