Vetements may be gearing up for a radical rebranding. Trademark filings uncovered by The Fashion Law suggest that the Zurich-based brand is either getting ready to change its name entirely or release a sub-label.

From April 2020 to February of this year, Vetements filed upwards of 25 different trademark applications for registration with intellectual property offices in various territories including the USA, Italy, Singapore, the European Union, and Switzerland, for "VTMNTS." According to filings, the new name is intended to be used on everything from garments and accessories, and retail store services to fragrances, eyewear, and jewelry.

There could be many reasons for a name change, ranging from a radical new brand direction to the launch of a sub-label. But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves and Vetements could be up to something more innocuous.

A name change would make sense for one major reason. Given that “Vetements” literally means "clothes" in French, the brand has faced significant pushback from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in response to trademark applications – as the name merely describes the types of goods that it makes and sells.

By dropping the vowels and going for an all-caps stylization, Vetements – or the less literal VTMNTS – could simply be trying to do away with a headache and protect its logo-laden designs.

Still, Vetements' bread and butter is shock factor. The brand recently hinted at “BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON” on Instagram. And when discussing the Vetements Burger earlier this month, CEO Guram Gvasalia told WWD, “We always look for alternative ways to do things. There are more exciting launches in different countries coming this year, and not only food.” Are these hints at something big coming, or has Vetements fooled us again?

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