When you are the founding member and current CEO of a massively successful media company that only continues to grow, how do you celebrate? Well buying a house, for starters. Which is precisely what VICE chief Shane Smith did when making the great continental move away from the uppity NYC neighborhood of Tribeca to the Golden Coast. There, amongst the sunny groves of Santa Monica, Smith found himself an original 1930’s mansion wrought in Spanish Colonial style untouched by nearly a century’s worth of possible wear and tear. Needless to say it is gorgeous, and thanks to an in-depth profile by the Wall Street Journal, we commoners can take a peek inside it.

Like any Old Hollywood-era mansion, Smith’s house is naturally anchored by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous swimming pool. But the interior of the house is nothing to snort at, as it contains everything from mosaic flooring to a secret room accessible by a Scooby-Doo-style hidden bookcase entrance.

The luscious house was already purchased when Shane Smith found it, but that did little to stop him. It was under the ownership of hotel magnate André Balazs, but Smith (who at this point had never been inside the house itself) offered him a blank check to take it off his hands. The final sale price rung in at a cool $23 million, a casual cost for the most casually media-mogul of the millennial era.

To see all the imagery of Smith’s pitch-perfect house head over to the Wall Street Journal for the full profile.

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