Last year saw the first iteration of BERLIN, BERLIN, our virtual omni-channel creative project — and yes you’ve guessed it, we’re back for round two.

A celebration of this buzzing city we call home, this week’s digital exhibition will honor all that is Berlin, from artists and local brands to musicians and historic landmarks. To top it all, Highsnobiety presents, BERLIN, Augmented BERLIN: Extended Realities; an immersive feast for your eyes in the form of curated digital AR art.

Our very own augmented reality exhibition will come to life across the city throughout the week, in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Visitors will use their phone or tablet to place eight sculptures, all made by Berlin-based artists, in public spaces or within their own four walls. Breaking the border between the real world and the virtual world, this AR exhibition reimagines our immediate environments, taking us out of the white cube and into the big city.

Keeping it as Berlin as possible, Highsnobiety teamed up with Berlin-born on-demand delivery app Gorillas, calling upon artist Vinzent Britz to create a series of grocery-related AR sculptures

Britz is an art director and digital artist focusing on computer-generated stills and moving imagery. Combining abstract forms with photorealistic elements, he creates otherworldly virtual compositions in 3D, AR, and VR.

Drawing inspiration from the obvious foodie background of Gorillas, Britz’s AR sculpture series, titled WEIRDO, sees everyday objects and ingredients metamorphose into moving, abstract forms. From an alien-like squirming bread loaf and twirling ballerina banana to a falling and melting Mate bottle, Britz’s work turns the mundane into the magical. Detached from their physical properties, he uses texture, motion, and sound to turn these objects into novel digital sculptures.

Explore these AR sculptures by scanning the QR code on the BERLIN, BERLIN posters around the city or via BERLINBERLIN.AR

This piece appears as part of BERLIN, BERLIN — a week-long virtual celebration of creativity in the city Highsnobiety calls home. See the full series here

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