Kanye West was recently exposed for a stolen sketch from an ex-Nike employee, leading to the firing of a YEEZY designer. Now, his close friend Virgil Abloh is in the spotlight for copying a chair design that is part of the collaborative "MARKERAD" project with IKEA.

Instagram account Diet Prada, renowned for calling out the fashion industry’s copycat culture, has pointed out the chair design in question on a post, recalling Abloh's design inspiration with IKEA creative leader Henrik Most during last month's IKEA workshop, specifically about elevating the chair so it "feels more like an art object than a typical chair that serves its functions with four equal legs."

While many assumed that the chair was an original design by Abloh, the chair is actually an iconic mid-century design by modern furniture and industrial designer, Paul McCobb. As Diet Prada notes, "It was among the best selling contemporary furniture lines of the 1950s and in production up until 1964...that is until Virgil decided to relaunch it and elevate it," simply by adding a doorstop to the timeless design.

While the account isn't quite calling out Abloh for stealing the design, they did express, "Tbh, we all get your approach by now, but it would actually be much more interesting to know the sources of your “inspiration”...especially if they’re this iconic."

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