Last week, a Twitter user who calls himself “Proud American Soldier” took to the social media platform to show his support for having armed guards at schools in America. This came after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people tragically lost their lives.

In his post, the user declared he was armed, ready, and willing to defend schools from future shooters, pledging to “work for free.”

Posted under a picture of what many assume to be himself in full tactical gear, the post read: “I PLEDGE TO WORK FOR FREE for any school to help secure the children. I am a retired veteran, 29 years of service, Infantry Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Ranger with combat experience. I have a conceal carry, Primary and Alternate side arms, an AR-15, and all necessary tactical gear.”

At first, the tweet didn’t receive much attention, only being retweeted 10 times. However, on Monday, the tweet went viral after @KrangTNelson retweeted it, trolling the user and his original message.

Since then, lots of other users have trolled the “Proud American Soldier,” with many from the streetwear community joining in too.

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The streetwear and hip-hop communities got in on the roast

The rest of Twitter was just as savage

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