With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Russia in full swing, Moscow-born, UK-based designer Dasha Selyanova unveiled her ZDDZ London label's SS16 collection. The line was presented in the confines of a dingy Moscow basement - an appropriate venue for the brand's disheveled, girls-only streetwear that tackled topics of depression and addiction.

"It's based around the idea of teen depression, anxiety and how we cope with it," Selyanova told us. "It's called Help Yourself, which isn't our initial response...we normally tend to use drugs, music, eating, shopping and shit like that - that's how the whole idea of a fake anti-depressant came in." Distributing canisters of fictional "ZONAX-II" to the various editors and photographers flown in from all corners of the globe, Selyanova's aesthetic played heavily with graphics - often advertizing the made-up drug - and distressed garments, which were executed in a striking palette the mixed black with washed pink and electric blue.

The street-ready pieces were cut for girls but veered into gender-vague territory in places - hence the mixed casting - with a men's collection hopefully somewhere on the horizon.

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  • Photographer:Asia Typek for Highsnobiety.com

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