Highsnobiety / Iris Humm

Winter brings a slower pace and moments of reflection to connect with ourselves and focus on what makes us feel liberated. We all need our moments of retreat, and for many, this comes in the form of time outdoors.

If anyone knows the outdoors and nature, it’s longstanding Italian fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna. The 111-year-old brand has its roots in the Biellese Alps in Italy — a vast mountainous region surrounded by bountiful pastures and greenery. Zegna himself had always been a lover of nature, and tying it in with man, mountain, and culture were at the forefront of his visionary creative direction —  planting 500,0000 trees across the mountains surrounding the Zegna wool mill is a sure-fire way to prove that.

Highsnobiety / Iris Humm
Highsnobiety / Iris Humm

To echo its founder’s truth and uphold his green approach, the brand established the eponymously named Oasi Zegna in 1993 — an accessible nature park covering 100 km2 between Trivero and Valle Cervo in the region. The Oasi Zegna gives new generations of families, explorers, and sport-lovers the opportunity to connect with nature all year round through hiking, skiing, discovering new plants, and even making cheese!

Highsnobiety / Iris Humm
Highsnobiety / Iris Humm

To honor this relationship between man and the outdoors, Zegna recently unveiled an exclusive and symbolic Outdoor Capsule Collection designed with the world of winter sports and nature activities in mind. Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori wanted to escape formalism and evolve the brand’s deep-rooted craft of tailoring to push for the garments and wearers to match Zegna’s adventurous attitude.

Marrying technicality and luxury leisurewear is at the core of this Outdoor Capsule Collection. The modular structure of the line includes puffers, jumpers, underpinnings, technical trousers, caps, helmets, and accessories like skis and water bottles. Basically, it’s a complete wardrobe that’s got you covered for outdoor living and unrestrained movement, all sealed with Zegna’s new logo.

From deep greens and black to orange and white, the capsule's color palette speaks to the landscape of the Oasi Zegna in all its natural glory — this is part of the brand's new symbolic signifier. The Zegna road, known as 232, originates in the mountains, crossing its oasis and stretching as far as 100km. The terrain along this path heavily inspired the latest Outdoor Capsule Collection and its technical and aesthetic design, from the feeling of liberation and adventure the scenery offers to the elements of nature and recalling the visions of the brand's founder, Ermenegildo Zegna. A marriage between tradition, heritage, and innovation, this signifier, and capsule reflects the evolving Zegna path while staying true to its roots.


Highsnobiety / Iris Humm
Highsnobiety / Iris Humm

Zegna called in three like-minded external partners for this capsule, La Sportiva, Zai, and KASK, to further propel the performance aspect of the active pieces. La Sportiva and Zegna developed breathable air-mesh trail running shoes, ideal for endurance trails and even off-road adventures. Meanwhile, with Italian company KASK, Zegna designed a customized version of the iconic Piuma-R ski helmet for snow sports enthusiasts searching for safety and technological skill, without compromising on aesthetic. Finally with craft-focused ski brand Zai, Zegna created a performance ski with excellent turning properties characterized by robustness and elegance. Not only do these items foster a collaborative spirit, but they highlight Zegna’s proclivity for outdoor activities and exploration.

The brand’s path has guided its creative vision for decades gone and will continue to do so for decades to come. The Zegna road runs many miles, always pointing towards movement and freedom, and this exclusive line of activewear pieces and accessories highlights just that.

Shop Zegna’s new Outdoor Capsule Collection here.

  • Photographer:Iris Humm
  • 1st Assistant:Francesco Colombo
  • 2nd Assistant:Andrea Luna
  • Digital Operator:Erika Buzin
  • Director:Gary Emekwa
  • Assistant:Daniele Furini
  • Set Designer:Giulia Munari
  • Assistant Set Designer:Viola Vitali
  • Stylist:Francesca Cefis
  • Assistant Stylist:Leo Soncini
  • Make-up Artist:Arianna Cattarin
  • Assistant Make-up Artist:Silvia Sidoli
  • Hair Stylist:Massimo Gamba
  • Assistant Hair Stylist:Daniele Villanueva
  • Models:Ottawa Kwami, Safil Kawamura, Laetitia Thalien
  • Production:Kitten Production Italy
  • Creative:Sian O'Flaherty
  • Producer:Rochelle Bambury
  • Copywriter:Ruhi Parmar Amin
  • Project Manager:Sara Tohme
  • Talent Manager:Julie Sinios
  • Music:Cato
  • Voiceover:Selassie

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