cav empt

HQTokyo, Japan
FounderToby Feltwell, Hishiyama Yutaka, SK8THING.

Don’t expect Tokyo-based label Cav Empt to fall into the trappings of popularity—they’re vehemently fighting against the tide of normalcy, and against the attitude of accepting things because that’s the way they are. In short, their clothes are made to shock and excite—to give the wearer something never before seen. The brand itself was hatched by BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club alumni Toby Feltwell and SK8Thing during an earthquake-caused blackout in Tokyo. To Feltwell, the darkness indicated the end of something, precipitating the need to start a new venture. Feltwell, SK8Thing, and their partner Hishiyama Yutaka wanted to continue working together after BAPE sold to an investment company, so the trio banded together to form Cav Empt. Now established as a brand pushing the creative boundaries of streetwear with their visual language, Cav Empt, also known as C.E., is a powerhouse in the industry. What is the meaning of “Cav Empt?” Science-fiction is an important part of Cav Empt’s background and influences, so “cav empt,” short for “Caveat Emptor,” which is Latin for “let the buyer beware,” came from a tattoo in the Philip K. Dick title Ubik, a book SK8THING had been reading. Given the adventurous wears and progressive aesthetics put forth by Cav Empt, it’s a message that the average shopper may want to heed if they’re not ready for the brand’s bizarre graphics and experimental usage of materials and styles. What is Cav Empt clothing known for? Cav Empt is known for pushing boundaries and starting trends before the rest of the fashion world can catch on. For example, Cav Empt released hole-riddled hoodies before YEEZY season made the practice en vogue, and SK8THING’s ostentatious, retro-future graphics have put the rest of the streetwear world on notice. Aside from their eye-catching imagery, paneled designs, and unique, yet highly wearable aesthetic, Cav Empt’s tracksuits—a British streetwear staple—feature boxy, oversized cuts with mysterious graphics and far-flung references, and counts Skepta as a fan. Cav Empt Timeline 2011 — Founded by BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club alumni Toby Feltwell and SK8Thing, and their production partner Hishiyama Yutaka. 2014 — Collaborates with on a virtual reality-inspired winter puffer jacket. 2015 — Produces a co-op project with Japanese retailer BEAUTY & YOUTH on a collection featuring post-Internet themed graphics. 2016 — Vans taps Cav Empt for a collaboration with their Bearcat sneaker. The brand also opens its first Tokyo flagship store. 2019 — Collaborates with Nike on a digi-camo, pixelated Air Max 95, as well as a tracksuit, jersey, and cap collection that harkens back to early ‘00s streetwear aesthetics in London. Cav Empt Related Articles Why C.E Is One of Our Favorite Brands Right Now