Tune in and turn up

Famed for ghost writing and the year end rap up (and, also allegedly working as a parking attendant in Richmond), Skillz has a firm place in hip-hop culture. His latest release, via Koch, is Million Dollar Backpack Bdue July 22. The cover art has something vaguely Kanye/Lupe about it. First, the color scheme… a bit Lupe. Second, Skillz stance and backpack reminds of the Louis Vuitton Don’s “College Dropout Mixtape” look. Beyond, it appears a mic, a map of I-95 and (oddly) a pair of Spizikes are central to Skillz mindset. More like the contents of a $1,000 backpack, but given Skillz track record, one can assume the material on the record will be more inspired. If not, hopefully Shaq will resume their battle. 

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