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Sailors and seamen are very good at several things. Staying warm in wretched conditions perhaps being most important and transferable to land life. The Submariner Sweater was devised as a layering piece. Don’t just take my word, here are some from Neill Starr of manufacturer North Sea Clothing –

“The Submariner Sweater was War Office issue to the Royal Navy in both World Wars. In the 1950s motorcyclists adopted them to wear under a Barbour or Belstaff jacket to keep out the cold. They used be available from army surplus stores until about 10 years ago until original supplies “dried up”.  I had many enquiries from devotees who wanted one of these classic sweaters, so decided to get them remade in the same heavy-gauge knit as the original, but improving the fit slightly as the WW2 issue was very long in the body.  These hard- wearing sweaters are manufactured by a family firm in Nottinghamshire, England, using pure new wool and will last for many years.”

As the brief history implies it was good enough for the sailor and then perfectly adapted to land use. Today, the North Sea Clothing Submariner Sweater is available from Garbstore.

Full images of the “hard-wearing” piece after the jump.

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