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The much anticipated collection by Verbal’s Ambush brand and A Bathing Ape is going to be released soon and today we can give you a first look at the product line-up. Unlike expected, the two brands worked on an extensive capsule collection, ranging from full zip hoodies, t-shirts, to shoes and of course a wide offering of jewelry. The clothing is for our taste a little over the top, but will for sure find fans, as the product is similar to Cassette Playa and Phenomenon collections. The jewelry on the other hand, will in our opinion fly off the shelves. A release is planned for Spring 2010.

“A Bathing Ape® and AMBUSH® collaborates to launch a new line “A Bathing Ape®
is AMBUSH®ed!!!”for the 2010 Spring Exhibition, and the theme is “MAD SCIENCE”.

As a “Mad Scientist” mixes up chaotic and unpredictable properties to create the
“Frankestein’s monster”, BAPE® joins forces with this new Tokyo-based jewelry
brand AMBUSH® to introduce a series of unique accessories and apparels for the
fans and unsuspecting masses.”

Take a look at the Ambush x Bape Kaiju Collection after the jump.

Via Verbal.

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