A bit of old news (this collaboration came out back in 2010) but… Out of the all the headphones to be housed inside of the beautiful Swift leather case from Hermes, why does it have to be the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones? No disrespect to the very popular travel headphones from the Massachusetts maker, but Hermes aligning themselves with Bose does not seem like a proper fit for me. Hermes speaks luxury. Bose does not.*

Rather than discuss more proper headphone manufacturers to align with Hermes, I’ll focus on the wonderful work the leather maker did on the bag: each leather case is hand saddle-stitched with protective pads to keep the headphones in place. Special cut-outs are ther for all the accessories as well. Finally, the finish off the interior with goatskin lining. Beautiful work from Hermes. (wallpaper*)

*consider the Audio Technica Active Noise-Cancelling headphone at half the cost of the Bose if you really need noise cancelling options.

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