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Designer Daiki Suzuki looked to the now-defunct brand British Khaki and the image of the British army in India for Engineered Garments‘ Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The brand’s latest offering incorporates design language from the army’s khaki mil-spec gear and blends it with bright colors and kalamkari and paisley prints to give the collection a unique and practical detailing missing in much of American sportswear today. When growing up in Japan, Suzuki coveted American sportswear. To him, clothing which came out of the U.S. was an interesting blend of design innovation and the latest in industrial manufacturing. “Those clothes have a natural, post modernist and deconstructive quality about them,” he explains. “When you find a garment that you love to wear it survives with you in its own way and becomes a second skin. It is these clothes which I want to make, clothes that you love wearing and become yours through the experience you have with them.” Engineered Garments’ Spring/Summer 2015 collection will be available at select stockists toward the beginning of next year.

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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