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For us here at Selectism, it’s not news that Korean fashion brands are on the rise. We’ve been noticing quite a few of them making exceptional product lately — both clothing and accessories — that run the gamut from heritage-inspired and classic modern to quirky. But we know these Korean newcomers because we are in the business of scouting out the best and reporting them to you. Many outside the #menswear #influencer world may still be unfamiliar. Brooklyn’s Fig Collective is here to change that.

The e-commerce site brings the best up-and-coming Korean brands together and offers them Stateside. Labels like thisisneverthat, Low Classic, 13 Month and Locle, whom are well-known and popular in Korea but never had the proper market to show face in the West, now see their clothing and accessories presented to online shoppers in the cleanest, most sophisticated fashion that Fig Collective was founded on.

What’s most impressive is that Fig Collective stocks brands that are new to us as well, like Sort and The T-Shirt Museum. Not only that, every item sold at Fig Collective is under $500, even for leather outerwear. We are excited for this new venture, to say the least. You can browse Fig Collective’s current offerings here.

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