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Ever wished you could walk a mile in the Terminator’s shoes? Well don’t get your hopes up, but YouTube has enlisted the help of Paramount Studios and virtual reality production studio Specular Theory for this latest 360° video in 4K quality, which will bring you closer than ever. The ultra high definition flick shows a heads-up-display perspective of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer robot as he goes on a rampage through YouTube’s studios in Los Angeles, gunning down famous YouTube personalities like Olga Kay, Matthew Santoro and Toby Turner.

All you need is one of Google’s DIY headsets, then go ahead and view the footage through your smartphone, which will split the image to create a simulated 360° experience. Download the headset instructions here, and catch up on the latest trailer for Terminator: Genisys.

Once you’ve got your DIY headset constructed, make sure to tune into this 360° drifting footage courtesy of Google and GoPro.


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