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Bond fans are invited into the world of 007 thanks to Heineken’s continued collaboration with the spy movie franchise, maintaining one of the most successful partnerships seen in cinema.

The partnership stretches much further back than last week’s release of their new action-packed TV ad, featuring Daniel Craig. The international brewer has in fact stood side-by-side with 007 across 17 years, spanning seven Bond films from Tomorrow Never Dies right through to the latest release. While Bond’s vodka martini, as well as its preparation, has become a staple, the British spy has in fact indulged in a beer in every single one of his previous 23 films – even seen enjoying a Heineken while contemplating his next move most recently in Skyfall. Ian Fleming wrote of Bond enjoying a beer in a number of his original works too, including Diamonds Are Forever and Goldfinger.

Heineken have already begun rolling out limited edition packs that give fans the chance to download and enjoy timeless classics from the Bond archives, including the iconic Goldfinger starring Sean Connery, Moore’s The Spy Who Loved Me, and the modern classic of Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig. This marks the first of Heineken’s on-pack exclusives, however the international brewer also released special edition packs giving access to behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen content from the latest film and its spectacular shooting locations, such as Mexico City, Rome and Morocco. Fans just need to scan the specially designed logo with their smartphones and then enjoy.

Spectre is released in Germany November 5, in the U.S. November 6, with its worldwide premiere in London on October 26.

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Watch Spectre‘s first full-length trailer.

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