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The superstar FC Barcelona attacker known as Neymar recently made a visit to London’s flagship Selfridges store in support of the new Hyperfree denim line from Italian label REPLAY, the official sponsor for FC Barcelona’s travelwear and formal suiting.

Engineered to render an ultra-light fit, the new Hyperfree textile allows for athletic functionality but concealed within a classic-looking denim range. All Hyperfree products are crafted from natural fibers, resulting in an elastic fit that remains resilient over time, with the line including both men’s and women’s options in a variety of washes.

The 24-year-old Brazilian took the opportunity to meet and greet with fans inside Selfridges, before touching down at a private event attended by fellow REPLAY ambassador Alessandra Ambrosio.

We sat down with Neymar himself and talked fashion, music and how he preps for a game, as well as what the REPLAY Hyperfree line means for him, which you can view via their online store or by clicking the link below.

First, what do you like about REPLAY? What made you want to form a partnership with them?

Because of the clothing: the fabric and the jeans are really comfortable. Also the people who work at REPLAY, I think that was what really left me at ease.

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media?

Well, apart from following some people that I admire, and people that I’m a fan of, I also follow my friends. I think that’s the best part of social media.

What type of music is on your pre-match playlist?

Happy music, pagoda funk, hip-hop… something that motivates me. It needs to be something that I can dance to so I can start the game in a good mood.

What about your favorite meal before a game?

I always eat pasta or macaroni, maybe with chicken. Something not very heavy.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I had a great season this year in Barcelona. What I have in mind now is to win the Olympics, which is a title that Brazil hasn’t achieved yet. I hope I can conquer that title for Brazil.

Where do you enjoy going on vacation?

Brazil, where my family and friends are. I spend a lot of time out of the country, away from them. It’s also a place that I enjoy very much.

Do you have a favorite superhero?


What’s your favorite emoji?

Thinking face. ?

Lastly, are you a Belieber?

Yes! I’m big fan of Bieber.

Check out more of what REPLAY are up to with this nearly never-before-seen reissue of the ’70s Scatto sneaker.

  • Photography: Chris Danforth / Highsnobiety.com

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