Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Muhammad Ali dies aged 74

Arguably the greatest boxer that ever lived and civil rights hero, Muhammed Ali, died this weekend at the age of 74. Having long suffered from a variety of illnesses, notably a prolonged struggle with Parkinson’s, it was septic shock that landed the final knockout punch on the former champ. Set to be buried at Louisville’s Cave Hill Cemetery in his native Kentucky, a public memorial service will be held at the KFC Yum! Center, combining two things that Americans love most: victory and branding. – The Guardian.

Scientists combine human cells with pig embryos

Scientists in the U.S. have been injecting human stem cells into pig embryos in a bid to make South Park beast “man-bear-pig” reality. Just kidding. They’re doing so in hopes of growing human organs inside of pig bodies that can one day cut organ transplant waiting lists as well as provide bacon. – BBC News.

Donald Trump is building a wall, okay? He’s building a wall

When pressed to explain his comments suggesting that a Latino judge should be removed from presiding over the Trump University case due to his Mexican heritage, Donald Trump proceeded to incessantly repeat his intentions of building a dividing wall along the Mexican border. An incoherent, blithering mess of an interview, Trump shows his invincibility against reason or logic, a trait that evidently makes him so difficult to beat. – CNN.

Pornhub releases virtual reality Donald Trump porn parody

Porn parodies have achieved a South Park-level of current affairs irreverence in recent years, providing a reliable stream of smutty satire to lampoon the going-ons in mainstream society. The latest X-rated parody is produced by Pornhub and offers up a bogus sex tape starring Trump, his wife, Melania, and Sarah Palin, who are played by Subil Arch and Brittany Amber respectively. Presented in virtual reality, the porno is aptly titled “Fuck Trump.” – Huffington Post.

Why outdoor brands love streetwear

It’s a love affair that first started with Supreme’s collabs with The North Face, but has since grown into a reliable sideline for outdoor apparel brands such as TNF and Columbia. While their traditional demographic buys new gear once it wears out, young Hypebeasts provide a steady flow of cash. – Business of Fashion.

Golden State thrash Cavaliers in game two

In the second match of the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors downright degraded the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 110-77 victory. Despite going unbeaten throughout the playoffs all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cavaliers now trail the series 2-0. Kevin Love was forced to take a seat after taking an elbow to the head in the first half that left him with a concussion. – ESPN.

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