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During his second trip to Los Angeles, photographer Louis Lepron intended to venture around to every district of the city, but was instead drawn to Venice Beach and the Venice Skate Park. It’s not hard to understand why he gravitated towards the area, as the skate park is located directly in front of the ocean and features a sunken pool as well as a street-inspired area with stairs, ledges and rails.

Venice is largely recognized as the birthplace of American skateboarding, thanks to dozens of skaters taking to empty swimming pools decades ago, the work of the Zephyr Shop, and the creativity of people like Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and Tony Alva, among others. 40 years later, the Venice Skate Park is all but the last incarnation of this influential period.

Lepron in turn paid tribute to the spirit of skate by using an analog camera in order to create a feeling of nostalgia, as if the pictures could have been taken 30 years ago.

After checking out select images from Louis’ visit to Venice Skate Park above, follow here for the entire series.

For some additional photos of skaters taking to Venice Beach, check out Sebastien Zanella’s recent collection showcasing Venice at 6 a.m.

Not NYC, not LA.

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