With lyrics like “getting drunk and high at the same time, drinking champagne on the airplane,” it has always been readily apparent that 2 Chainz knows a thing or two about a life of luxury. Which is why his gig hosting GQ’s web series Most Expensivest Shit is a dream come true. After recent episodes covering high-end baby products and a pair of $50,000 sunglasses, the latest installment of the series sees the rapper sampling what may be the most decadent popcorn in the world.

2 Chainz, along with his pal pro-skater Nyjah Huston, take on the formidable task of sampling Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn. They start slow by munching on some of the brand’s more reasonably priced snacks, such as a white cheddar and organic truffle variety. Then founder Matt Bercovitz brings out the big guns, namely, his signature popcorn made with actual gold. It is created from some of the most premium ingredients around, like a Danish salt that sells for $10 a pound and flakes of 23-karat gold. A single kernel of this variety of popcorn sells for $5, a price figure that even 2 Chainz found astounding.

Amazingly, this is far from the first time that 2 Chainz has experimented with the culinary possibilities of the precious metal. He even attempts to take his sampling of gold flakes via snorting, and debates the proper age at which a child can begin enjoying the elemental treat. Watch the full video above to see the insanity for yourself.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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