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If you're a hype beast and have been making excuses to not workout during quarantine, Louis Vuitton  just made things a whole lot harder for you. The luxury Maison has dropped some monogrammed exercise gear which will make that home workout so much harder to resist. If you'd rather preoccupy your lockdown days languishing and sipping wine, well uncle Snoop's new collab might be more up your alley.

In other news, Netflix's Tiger King special aired to lukewarm reviews, Burning Man was cancelled, and 2 Chainz and Big Sean disagreed about who spits better verses. And guess what? It was all Carol Baskin's fault.

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Merlot was the case

Original Post: Snoop Dogg Is Releasing His Own Wine

10. "Snoop Juice ?" - Dez Williams

9. "Bong Water." - Marco Pichorner

8.  "Chardonnizzle." - Brian Bebyn

No mercy

Original Post: Big Sean Confronts 2 Chainz Over Best “Mercy” Verse Comment

7. "Little Sean just mad." - Adam Fergurson

6. "Shut up Sean. Chainz was getting drunk n high at the same time, drinking champage on an airplane... you did nothing." - Lux Lè Swindels

Call in to our Drop Cast here: 9-1-1

Original Post: Mario Guzman of Sherbinskis Reacts to Weed Being an Essential Business

5. "Nice try officer." - ralphierozayy


Original Post: Everything We Know So Far About Playboi Carti’s New Album ‘Whole Lotta Red’

4. "Whole Lotta Teal? ?" - lapaid

Thank you, Rona

Original Post: Burning Man Is Cancelled for First Time In Its History

3."This... is all Carole fuckin' Baskin's fault." -  Anthony J Kwan


Original Post: Twitter Is Not Impressed With the ‘Tiger King’ Special

2.  "It was carol baskins fault" - Mark Baker

Gains but make it fashion

Original Post: Louis Vuitton’s New Exercise Gear Will Transform Your Home Workouts

1. "Do you even luxury bro?" - Paolo Maling Chester

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