No matter what the subject, 2 Chainz has proven time and again that he is an expert on critiquing items of luxury thanks to his web series with GQ, Most Expensivest Shit. The most recent installments of the show have seen him provide his valuable insight on everything from baby products to popcorn flaked with actual gold. The newest episode however is his most adorable yet, as he holds a meet and greet with the world’s most expensive kittens.

Now as any hardcore 2 Chainz fan knows, he is a die hard dog person. His personal French bulldog Trappy is his best friend, and even starred in his music video for his track “Not Invited.” So it seems little surprise that he seems visibly intimidated in dealing with these kittens and their mothers, even though they are almost too adorable to believe.

Well he also could have been intimidated by the fact that the kittens range in price from $2,000 to $15,000. This is all due to their unique breeding, which technically makes them miniature ocelots and not just more cute kitties. But those prices are nothing compared to the mother ocelots and other various big cats of prey, which are currently running for the cool price of $100,000.

2 Chainz’s face says it all there, but it couldn’t hurt for us to add a “good lord” on top of it.

Stay tuned to see what expensive shit 2 Chainz will unpack next.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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