Where the runway meets the street

How long does it take to break in a pair of jeans and just how do you go about doing so, exactly? Like understanding the meaning of life itself, this age-old conundrum has been plaguing people for an eternity, with the only real answer being that there is no real answer. Now, in their own inimitable way, Canadian denim brand Naked & Famous attempt to get to the bottom of the question in the most extreme way possible: by embarking on a ridiculous 5,000-mile trek across North America.

Denim-clad and equipped with a motorbike, the video throws up all the vagaries that such an extreme trip inevitably poses, but even after 72 hours of rain, 28 grimy hotel rooms, 53 oil checks and one random hookup, the jeans still look in damn decent shape — something you’d expect from a brand that prides itself on only using the finest Japanese fabrics and materials.

Shop the denim collection above, and then check out our guide to buying raw denim on the link here.

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