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We’ve already seen the most on-point Halloween costumes of the year, as well as a snarky critique of the worst ones, but this is 2016, people — what we really need is costumes for our most beloved companions. No, not our pets — our phones.

Coming in with the hottest smartphone costume of the year is UNIQFIND. The premium tech accessory maker has produced a case that transforms that sweet little Apple iPhone of yours into a monstrous, exploded Samsung Galaxy Note7. Samsung was forced to impale the Note 7 to death earlier this year after reports it was trying to suicide bomb its owners, which, much like the Kim Kardashian robbery getup, has made the case this Halloween’s must-have.

Not only does it look fabulous, it’s also cut to reveal the Apple logo (just so everyone knows you do actually own an iPhone) and uses 3M Controltac technology to allow for easy application, maximum hold and residue-free removal.

Head over to UNIQFIND to cop yours for $24.99 now.

After you’ve finished, here’s what the exploding Note 7 saga means for Samsung.

Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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