Earlier this year, Britney Spears released a surprisingly solid new album called Glory. In this expansive set of songs was an explicit, hardly-subtle song called “Slumber Party.” It already stood out as an album highlight, but now Spears has dropped a stellar remix featuring none other than rising R&B chanteuse Tinashe. Listen to it below:

Though it may come as a delightful surprise for some, it has been a collaboration in the works for some time. Tinashe revealed on Instagram three weeks ago that the pair did indeed have an impending duet, one with her “idol” no less.

Tinashe has been busy as well. The singer recently released a surprise new mixtape titled Nightride, a precursor to her highly-anticipated sophomore album Joyride. Britney meanwhile, is enjoying yet another pinnacle of success in her career with Glory single “Make Me,” featuring the colorful rapper G-Eazy.

Stream Tinashe’s new mixtape Nightride below via Spotify:

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