After Apple famously decided to sit out last year’s Black Friday festivities, the famous tech giant is now changing its stance.

On a new web page, the company has teased a one-day shopping event which will “be here before you know it.” Details regarding the event such as percentage discounts haven’t been revealed by the site, but it does promote free two-day delivery, downloading the Apple Store app for faster access, and visiting your nearby store to learn about extended hours.

The decision to join this year’s Black Friday sales is likely an indicator of the negative financial impact from last year’s decision to sit out, however, the company declared that the decision was part of its mission to be “good to employees.”

Stay tuned for further details regarding Apple’s Black Friday deals.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s change of heart? Will you be participating in Apple’s Black Friday sales? Let us know in the comments below.

Words by Marcus Cho
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