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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt brutally insult each other on BBC Radio

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt appeared on BBC Radio 1 as part of the press tour for their new movie, Passengers, and the session devolved into a childish insult contest, but in a good way.

In the segment titled “Playground Insults,” the two actors were tasked with throwing schoolyard jibes at one another until their opponent cracked into fits of laughter or simply couldn’t counter what was thrown at them. After an inventively derogatory sparring session, it was Pratt that emerged as the winner. – MTV

Is Trump waging war on the war industry?

In the mish-mashed political landscape of 2016, the president-to-be that is Donald Trump actually seized power by claiming traditionally left-leaning ground, and now he looks set to do the unthinkable for a Republican president: wage war on the war industry.

After slamming vampiric defense contractors, he attacked Lockheed-Martin and the price of their F-65 fighter jets, stating that he plans to push them into cutting the cost of military hardware. This stands in stark contrast to the Bush administration, which was pretty much a war industry lobby group. – Reuters

Facebook posts “head of news” job ad

The Facebook brand has taken a battering this year after it emerged how the tech giant’s hands-off, neutralistic approach has allowed the proliferation of fake news and the emergence of a social media filter bubble that is warping reality and being exploited by rightwing extremists.

Well, to correct the fake news part, Facebook has just posted a job listing for a “Head of News Partnerships” who will likely be tasked with sniffing out bullshit. If you happen to have over 20 years of newsroom experience, then this could be the job for you. – The Guardian

Trump appoints Rick Perry as secretary of energy

After appointing a dude who doesn’t believe that climate change is really a thing as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Trump regime has installed yet another denier of scientific fact as Secretary of Energy: former Texas governor Rick Perry.

While running for the Republican presidential nomination back in 2012, Perry couldn’t even name the Department of Energy when talking about government agencies that he would like to eliminate. Well, now he’s the head of it, and he’s replacing a nuclear physicist as its new chief. – Mic

New England Patriots beat Baltimore Ravens

The New England Patriots maintained their place at the top of the AFC East with a 30-23 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. It wasn’t a spectacular performance by the Patriots in comparison to the standards they set this season, but it was enough to extend their record to 11-2, the joint-best in the entire NFL, alongside the Dallas Cowboys. – SB Nation

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