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Future erases his Instagram posts, hints at DJ Esco Collab

SEO-unfriendly rapper, Future, has deleted every single post from his Instagram account and unfollowed everyone except for DJ Esco, while also cryptically writing the word “PLUTO” in the description box. Some have interpreted this as a potential upcoming collab with Esco, while it could also be interpreted that Future finds everyone in the world except for Esco really uninteresting, at least where photography is concerned. – Ace Show Biz

Republicans vote to gut independent ethics committee

So the first act of Donald Trump’s crooked rein has begun with emboldened House Republicans convening behind closed doors to push through a vote to castrate the Office of Congressional Complaint Review, an independent ethics watchdog created in the first year of Obama’s reign following a number of scandals involving members of Congress. Under the proposed new rules (which passed in a 117-t0-74 vote), the office could not employ a spokesperson, investigate anonymous tips or refer criminal wrongdoing to prosecutors without the express consent of the GOP-led House Ethics Committee – so, basically, the people it’s supposed to be keeping in check are going to tell the committee what it can or can’t do. It’s an utterly Putin-esque move that exposes the deeply corrupted state of American democracy. – Washington Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes Celebrity Apprentice debut

Now that Donald Trump has been forced to step down as the host of The Apprentice because of some archaic law that forbids presidents from hosting reality TV shows (lol, kidding – he was actually dropped by NBC for making horrifically racists remarks about Mexicans), he has been replaced by former Californian governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who tried a bit too hard to mimic The Donald. Maybe Arnie is using this as a launchpad for a future presidential campaign? Time will tell. – USA Today

Bill Gates invests $140 million in AIDS-cure implant

Microsoft founder-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates has invested $140 million of the Bill & Melinda Gates Organization’s money into producing a tiny drug pump that can be implanted under the skin that could prevent HIV infections. Currently it’s used to continuously deliver medicine throughout the body for patients with type-two diabetes, but research has revealed its potential in treating HIV in the same way – which obviously tickled Bill’s messiah complex, nudging him into buying $50 million of equity in Intarcia Therapeutic, the company that manufactures the pumps, in addition to a $90 million grant for research and development. – International Business Times

Golden State beat Nuggets

The Golden State Warriors extended their best-ever seasonal record to 30-5 with a 127-119 win over the Denver Nuggets. Following the win, the Warriors remain at the top of the Western Conference while the Nuggets missed their chance to leapfrog the Sacramento Kings into the eighth and final play-off spot. Instead, they languish in 10th place. – Mercury News

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Words by Aleks Eror
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